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Thank you for dropping in.

I am Helena Kingwill, I work as a free-lance journalist, documentary researcher, independent film-maker. and the founder of my own content creation/ multi-media story telling company Earth Shine Productions. (E.S.P)

I am also a mother of two, gardener, Helena with childrenenvironmental activist, (frustrated) artist, poet and soul seeker.

The information gathered as an investigative journalist and documentary researcher into topics such as nuclear waste, air pollution, industrial agriculture and the over fishing of the oceans, has in stages plunged me into states of horror and fear in me about the state of the planet. Having been through that, however,  I have come to realize that hope is something we can create, if we choose to.

Heaven and hell are states of mind.  We create them everyday in every moment. In each moment we can choose whether to fall down the rabit hole of fear or slip into the bliss of love. There is so much that needs to change about the unsustainable way that humans are using and abusing our environmental resources.  There is no doubt about that,  but I believe that we can change the world if each of us as individuals start to think global and act local with an intention to heal the earth.  It starts with self care and self love.  One cannot save the world without taking care of oneself on a soul level first. I have learned this by trial and error.  Trying to save the world without taking care of oneself – on all levels- body mind and spirit, tends to lead to burnout or some other form of ill health, which of course means that you can’t be a superhero anymore.

Healing the earth sounds like an enormously impossible task, but it is simple when we begin by starting with ourselves. By becoming more conscious in our every day choices, and finding simple things we can do to help heal the earth around us in our immediate environment, in our everyday lives.  By doing them we create ripples in our pond which can move on out to help the bigger picture.   The intention of this blog “Earthnotes for hope” is to share examples of ways to do this, and positive stories of people and organizations who are doing it in whatever way they can.  In this way, I hope that this blog will become a resource by connecting people and initiatives working for a common cause… and by doing this, connecting the dots on the road map to hope and change.

If. you are looking for help in crafting a story.  Please contact me.



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